Character Creation

All characters for Horde of the Dragon Queen will begin at first level. The free basic rules cover less than half the options; if you don’t have access to the Player’s Handbook but want to explore more choices, just give me a shout.

I’ll try to make a couple times available before the first session to help people with character creation as needed. Here are the rules we’ll be using:

  • Any combination of race and class is fair game. Alternate rules from the PHB, like the Human starting feat option, are also allowed,
  • Evil and chaotic alignments are acceptable, so long as you have a reason to help those who are fighting against the Cult of the Dragon.
  • Characters need to have a background from the PHB; they have mechanics associated with them. Handling details under that – personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws – are entirely up to you. If you want a bond tailored to the campaign, the adventure comes with suggestions we can tailor to your character.
  • Starting abilities can be done by standard point buy or by rolling, both described in chapter 1 of the PHB. Most characters in 5E only need two high-value abilities, so either method can easily generate highly competent PCs.
  • Starting equipment can either be taken by background and class, or bought a la carte using the max starting wealth for your class listed at the start of chapter 5 of the PHB. You’ll probably get more buying a la carte, unless maybe you’re a monk.

We’re likely going to have people coming in and out of the adventure with their characters. For the most part, characters will just advance as they get experience for whatever they happen to be around for. Characters starting after the first session will still begin at level 1, with 0 XP. If we reach the point where the level disparity gets beyond 2 levels, we’ll figure out something different.

For the first couple levels, you’ll be allowed to rebuild your character as we learn the system, especially if you take one of the characters I’ve put together.

Character Creation

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