An Attempt at Playing More Often

This is one of the places where we’ll probably be organizing the various games for the gaming group. We’ll see how everything goes.

If you aren’t on here yet, I’d encourage you to sign up and join this “campaign” as a player. I find this is one of the easiest ways for me to disburse information, especially rules-type info.

The first game we’ll try to run is the new 5E Dungeons & Dragons Horde of the Dragon Queen. First session will be either sometime the weekend of Oct. 17-19 or on the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 21, whenever we can get the needed number of people. Details on character creation will follow soon.

Depending on what my other games are doing, I might also be up for running some sort of Steam-Fantasy or Pulp game, which could be run in any number of systems – Unhallowed Metropolis, Spirit of the Century or FATE Core, d20 Modern/Past/Urban Arcana or Spycraft, Mutants and Masterminds, or maybe even something White Wolf or Unisystem based.

The Gaming Group

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